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A Dream Experience: Patara Elephant Farms

Asia Thailand

My husband and I were engaged and we actually decided to elope instead of having a huge expensive wedding. We are both students anyway, so it saved us a whole bunch of money and instead, we decided to use the money to travel instead. One of our family members purchased us an adventure to an elephant sanctuary for our trip. Lets just say that it was above and beyond what we were expecting.

These elephants are saved from circus shows and tourist traps, and allowed to run wild in the forest. There was a whole day of activities which included feeding the elephants to get familiar with them. We rode the elephants to the stream close by where they all were having so much fun rolling around the water while we all washed them. I was fortunate enough to get paired with the mother elephant, in which she had a baby elephant who was very rambunctious to say the least.  The entire time, they had a photographer taking photographs of your experience with the elephants and they came out absolutely stunning to say the least. I would highly recommend to any traveler!

The sanctuary is: Patara Elephant Farms in Chiang Mai, Thailand (