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Beautiful Uluru

Australia Oceania

Heading to the heart of Australia has always been on the top of my Aussie bucket list. After our Great Ocean Road trip back to Melbourne, we booked flights to Ayers Rock. It was the smallest airport I have been to so far!

The Ayers Rock Resort

It was great because throughout the whole resort was a free shuttle, stopping at different parts of the resorts all day, every day. There were several lookout spots for sunset and sunrise over Uluru, around the town of Yulara and the National Park. This lookout was at the resort we were staying at. At this viewing platform not only can you see Kata Tjuta but the red rock itself.

The Camel Farm

Just outside the resort, we jumped onto the free shuttle and asked to stop off at the Camel Farm. It is one of the largest camel farms in Australia. Here you can get up close to the friendly camels and join them for different tours around Uluru and Kata Tjuta along the sand dunes or even for a sunset adventure.

Field of Lights & Sunrise

Not a single photo of mine can do justice to this breathtaking scene. It is so spectacular. Imagine 7 football fields covered in 50,000 fiber optic lights, lighting up the desert with the silhouette of Uluru in the distance. Magical! Once the sun started to rise, the field of lights then started to fade away. From the viewing platform, we had a fabulous sunrise over Uluru. Absolutely stunning.

Sunset at Uluru

Not only did we do a tour for sunrise but for sunset too! We left mid-afternoon from the resort. The bus driver then drove us around the base of the big rock, stopping at certain points. We got up close to Uluru; I even got to touch it. The size of Uluru is incredible. You have to see to believe it!

The driver also shared his knowledge of the history and culture of Uluru; the stories were quite amazing! After the base drive, we were taken to another viewing point ready for sunset. We we’re greeted with nibbles and of course, bubbly. Cheers!

While the sun set behind us, the rock changed its colour from a dark red to a bright orange. Phenomenal!

To say the least, travelling all those thousands of miles to see a rock was definitely worth it, and to me now, it’s not just a rock, it’s pure beauty!

Contributed by Kassandra Parker