New Zealand, Oceania

Camper Van Life in New Zealand

New Zealand Oceania

At first, I was a little bit terrified to leave my comfortable life in the Czech Republic. However, I totally fell in love with that new life one week later. My two friends and I, two boys by the way, bought a white camper van. The camper van has three seats, a bed and something like a kitchen. It is perfect!

Our paths were split after some time. One of my friends decided to travel and the rest of us decided to work and earn some money. We were living in the camper van like kings. We had a lot of free space!

After some time, we decided to re-do our camper van into a self-contained camper van. Such a great idea! It was much easier to travel and sleep for free in a campsites since we made that decision. Self-contained means that there are three basic things in the camper van. That is: a toilet, drinking water and a rubbish bin.

The life in a camper van is to live outside in wild nature. It’s a beautiful and astonishing experience! I have a lot of stories from New Zealand ,but every day includes our home on wheels. We traveled a few thousand kilometers. We visited a lot of the free camps and we met a lot of new friends. The life in the camper van was really amazing and I totally fell in love with the lifestyle.

Contributed by Petra Chotasova