Montana, United States

One Day in Yellowstone

Montana United States

After 5 days of decompressing in a cozy, remote cabin on a cattle ranch in Montana, exploring Bozeman, and hitting up the local spa and hot springs, we had just one day left to explore Yellowstone National Park. I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager (that would have rather been watching an N’SYNC concert on HBO), and my husband, Mark, had never been.

Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt with a crowd of tourists
My favorite view of the whole trip

We poured over a book that was left in our cabin about things to see in Yellowstone and pointed out the coolest pictures and decided what we most wanted to see.  We figured, when in Yellowstone, you pretty much have to visit the ever so iconic Old Faithful, and besides that, I wanted to see colorful basins, while Mark hoped to see some wildlife.  As it turned out, we got to see everything we wanted and more.

We pulled over to see mule deer grazing…. just when we thought they were the only wild life we were going to get to see, there was a lone bison walking on the road right next to Mark driving on our way out.

Sipping on our hot morning coffee, we headed out in our little rental car to see what we could see. Just as soon as we pulled up to the park entrance, bought our pass and moved forward, the sight that greeted us was worth the 2 planes and hours we drove to get there!  Trickling water in a creek right off the road, deer, trees and hill views were around every bend in the road, and the more we drove, the more the landscapes changed before our eyes.  From open fields that made your mind feel free, to mysterious deep green forest, to hot steaming psychedelic basins.  It was amazing what you could see in a single day, in a single drive.

All the colors of the Porcelain Basin were my favorite part of the whole day!
The road out of Yellowstone.