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The Story of the holy land of Israel was always a part of my life. I read about it in the bible and I had lessons about the history. So many holidays that we celebrate are just about the past of the holy land of Israel. The media is even talking about Israel. But how do we really know what is going on, if we always hear about it, but haven’t explored, seen and felt how it is in reality?

So, I decided to travel solo in Israel for one month. It’s beauty blew me away and I felt so comfortable! You can see and feel the history just everywhere.

Yes, there are soldiers everywhere – but start a conversation with them. They will be so happy to talk about their Country and to give you some tips! They are just like you and me!


I couldn’t stop smiling and being fascinated by the old City of Jaffa. I walked along the coast to Tel Aviv for hours. My heart was beating so fast to enter the old City of Jerusalem! I heard about it all the time, and now I was there. It was such an amazing feeling.  It’s incredible to experience a City that is divided in 4 quarters of different religions and cultures. To feel the energy of this place – you just have to go there for yourself.

On my visit to the garden tomb (“he is not here, for he is risen”), I met beautiful people. First, I was alone there, feeling the energy of this place, that I had heard of so often. It started to rain, while I heard some beautiful singing in the background. I followed – and there they were. A whole group singing under the roof, spreading love. One girl saw me standing in the rain and listening to them. She smiled and called me to sit down next to her – in the middle of the group. They shared their bread and wine with me and I couldn’t believe that this journey really led me to this incredible situation.


Have you heard about the Israel National Trail? It’s a 1000 km hiking trail, which leads you from the north to the south and the landscape changes from the green mountains to the dessert! I tried but I’m really bad at hiking alone. The dead sea is the earth’s lowest elevation on land and has so many important minerals for your body! Plus, floating in this salty water was so much fun!

Israel has so much to offer, I left a piece of my heart there.

Maybe you will too, so don’t just listen to the stories, experience it for yourself! Have fun in the holy land of Israel!

Tel Aviv
Contributed by Ella Geiger