Africa, Tanzania

Roaming Around Tanzania

Africa Tanzania

I had just landed in Tanzania, Africa and Deo, who would be our guide and more important, our friend, was there waiting for us. We were a little bit nervous, as it was the first time meeting him. Deo was a stranger us. But who would have thought that five minutes later, we were going to be joking and laughing as if we were friends from our childhood. We arrived to our house for the next month and we settled in. The room had bunk beds and some closets. Simple but comfortable.  It was 9 pm so we ate a sandwich and we fell asleep. It had been a long day.

It was 5 am and we had a 5 hour ride to get to Ngorongoro park, where the safari was. Once we arrived there, we were given a tent which was our room for the next three days. Little did we know that we were going to have three amazing days driving in a car through the middle of the national park! Ngorongoro national park was amazing. We were in a Land Rover Defender driving with our friend Deo while watching outlandish birds, amazing animals and beautiful landscapes. We also saw The Big Five; A leopard, rhinoceros, lions, elephants and buffalo. We were so lucky and had a great experience that will never forget!

Contributed by Pablo Berruezo