Australia, Oceania

Rottnest Island

Australia Oceania

After a short ferry ride from Perth City, we finally reached Rottnest Island, an island that belongs to Western Australia. The Australians just call it “Rotto.” We hired bikes for the day to go around the island to see all the beautiful beaches. It was a pretty hot day (35 degrees and not as much wind as we expected on an island). We had to stop for a few swims along the way!


We also went snorkeling with our gear and spotted some various fish. You won’t leave the island without spotting a Quokka, which is the happiest animal on earth! It is always smiling. We found some of these critters and took a nice selfie! They’re so cute! I can tick that off my bucket list. All in all, I would recommend everyone go to Rottnest Island and to rent a bike there. The ferry ride is quite expensive but it’s definitely worth it! Why are you so beautiful, Rotto?



Contributed by Nele Clasen