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San Luis Potosi and Carranza Chiapas

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I have visited so many amazing places in Mexico but I highly recommend San Luis Potosi and Carranza Chiapas.

In the center of the Mexico, you can find the San Luis Potosi state. It is one of the richest in natural beauty and culture. It is divided by the Huasteca; rich for the green beauty, the waterfalls and lakes, and the Altiplano; the desert part of the state where you can find more culture and native traditions.

You can spend a week around enjoying the beauty that this state has to offer. From the colonial city center of San Luis Potosi, to the old town of Real de Catorce, the surrealist castle of Edward James in Xilitla, and the magnificent Tamul Waterfall. There is no lack of sites to see and San Luis Potosi is a must when visiting Mexico.

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Now for Carranza Chiapas! In the south of Mexico at Carranza Chiapas, a group of women of all ages create beautiful pieces of clothes with the “telar de cintura” technique. The grandmas pass along the tradition to the mothers that teach to the child, the beauty of this tradition.

One outfit could take months in the making with all original hand made design. How can you resist to this great work of art? You must visit Carranza Chiapas for this reason alone!

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