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Streets of Addis Ababa

Africa Ethiopia

Invited for Addis Foto Festival 2016 in the badly represented country of Ethiopia, I was shocked to see this beautiful city of Addis Ababa. The city is big, the economy is moving, a few people are hustling so don’t believe what the media is saying about “Ethiopia and poverty.” Get your flight ticket, book your hotel near the Airport of Bole, as it was just newly renovated. There are plenty of clubs and restaurants in the city, too!

Invited to represent my country Senegal, I had the opportunity to visit surburbs like Entoto. I was blown away by the joy and the motivation of the people. In Addis, Injara (the national dish) is free in all the houses. The coffee is not a luxury and the smiles are free here.

I am letting you discover through those images, my Addis Ababa.