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Surprisingly Wonderful Tunisia

Africa Tunisia

Tunisia might be the one of smallest countries in North Africa but it has surprised me with its sweet and colorful traditions. How did I end up visiting this Mediterranean wonder? Life. I must admit that I didn’t know much about Tunisia but I was lucky enough to have met some special people from there who introduced me to this highly diverse culture.

Like usual, I booked the ticket and next thing I knew, I was already landing, meeting my friends and jumping into discovering. The first things I discovered about this country were warmth, hospitality and incredible cuisine. I spent the first days on the east coast of Tunisia, in a city called Sousse. This is one of the oldest cities in Tunisia. It has medieval fortifications, lovely touristic resorts with stunning beaches, vibrating nightclubs, and good restaurants. Friendly locals are the heart of Sousse. I started my day with a nice walk across the city and the sea front; each corner offered me a different architectural view.

At the end of the day, there were two places that remained in my heart; the Medina and the El-Kantaoui Port. The Medina is the main attraction. It is surrounded by the city walls and apart from the crowded visitors, it includes the central Mosque and the open bazaars. Here you can find basically everything. It is pretty challenging to walk through the small traditional shops but they offer more interesting things than you can imagine. A bit exhausted from the long walk, I ended my walk in one of the most popular seaside resorts, Port El Kantaoui. This is where the fancy boutiques sit by the naturally perfect beaches and golf courses. That breathtaking view at the seaside, combined with endless talks among my friends and I made my whole day. Later on that day, I was ready to try one of the best Sushi restaurants in town, Tao. I couldn’t wait to jump right into the nightlife, starting with the Disco Clubs and continuing with the esplanades Bars. We had a blast!

The following day, after a lazy and tasty breakfast, I was already on my way to another beautiful coastline attraction; Monastir. Here, you cannot miss the fortified Monastery and the Old Port. I was having such a great time exploring what this lovely country has to offer that I wasn’t paying attention to how fast the time was flying by. While I was packing my bags, I realized that this trip made me want to return to Tunisia one day and to find out what else this charming country has to offer.

My Tunisian escape was really short but I have still managed to collect a new set of unforgettable memories and special moments that I will remember for a long time. I have only one piece of advice to you: Do not question the beauty of Tunisia. Don’t listen to what anyone else has to say!Just go and see for yourself.

Contributed by Stefana Puscasu