Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago

The Island of Tobago

Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago. These two sisters are separated by an hour-long ferry ride or half hour flight across the sea. Many have heard of Trinidad which is recognized for parties, beaches and of course Caribbean carnival. How about Tobago? The sister island of Trinidad, Tobago, is known for relaxation and a multitude of turquoise colored beaches. But, not many people venture to Tobago. I did and I am so glad I enjoyed the beauty and not touristy side of the island of Tobago.

Castara bay beach

After a crazy, fun filled time in Trinidad for Caribbean carnival, I needed to relax before returning back to the United states. Tobago is mainly known for their multiple beaches. The main beach of Tobago is Store Bay beach. The other beaches of Tobago include Pigeon Point, Englishman’s bay beach, Particulate bay beach, Castara bay beach, just to name a few.

Pigeon Point Beach, the ‘jetty’ or the dock
​Sunset at Pigeon Point Beach

The two main beaches of Tobago are Store Bay beach and Pigeon Point beach. Store Bay Beach has white sand and turquoise colored beach filled with umbrella chairs. There are colorful huts  located near the beach to purchase food and drink. It is a great place to pick up a party boat or a glass bottom boat. Pigeon Point Beach or Pigeon Point Heritage Park is well-known for the jetty (Americans called it the pier). This beach has it all; a bar, a restaurant, bathrooms with showers and rocks to enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Store Bay Beach: Party boat and Glass Bottom Boat
​Store Bay Beach: colorful huts

After all the beach hopping, I was relaxed and content to the island vibes of Tobago. If looking for a place not tainted by tourists and with beautiful turquoise waters, venture out to Tobago.

Store Bay Beach
​I left my footprints in Tobago
Waiting for sunset on the jetty of Pigeon Point Beach