California, United States

12th Annual LA WineFest

California United States

On a sunny Sunday, my husband and I attended the 12th annual LA WineFest located at the ROW DTLA. Besides being excited for unlimited wine and beer samples, I was excited to explore a new location in Downtown Los Angeles. The Row DTLA is consists of 30 acres of historical buildings. It was a really great location for a wine fest! The 90 degree weather made me more excited for cold wine and beer.

We had from 1-5 PM to try as many wines and beer samples as possible. Challenge accepted! My husband started with Peroni, which is a classic favorite of his. I started with Wilson Creek Winery. They were pouring a delicious Peach Bellini Sparkling wine. I must have gone back 3-4 times for another glass! It tastes like a peach ring candy!

I am not a huge wine drinker but I have recently become obsessed with rosé and this festival had plenty of it! King Frosch Wines was pouring a dry rosé. They served it warm and I was at first confused because I have only ever had chilled rosé but this was still delicious! It was DEFINITELY dry but I still enjoyed it. My husband tried most of the beer at the festival and his favorite was Baja Brewing Co. I loved that LA WineFest incorporated beer into their line up so that everyone had something to enjoy. It was great fun to be able to visit winery vendors while my husband chatted up some of the breweries.

Besides the many wine and beer vendors, their were food trucks and vendors selling clothing and goods. The best part of the festival? The incredible live music by Will And The Won’ts. They were a great band for this festival, as they set the mood with their jams. They took some requests at one point and of course, my husband screamed out “Bob Dylan!!!!!!!” The band got right into an awesome cover of “Tangled Up in Blue” and my husband started a dance party with a fellow festival goer! It was fun to drink wine and enjoy the sun in a beautiful location downtown.

If you are into wine and beer, this is a great yearly festival to attend. I loved that I could try various wines that I might not have the chance to try. For example, I tried a Hungarian wine that was delicious! There were games, food, drinks, and live music. What else could you want for a Sunday afternoon? The LA Wine Fest will be back in Summer 2018. Check it out: //

Contributed by Sigournee Grano
Sigournee is the co-creator of Roaming Love. She is a travel enthusiast, photographer, writer and wife.