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3D Museum: The Most Fun Museum

Asia Vietnam

After our stay on the Dragon Legend cruise, we stayed another night in a hotel near Halong Bay. The hotel was called Royal Lotus hotel and I would highly recommend it. The staff was friendly and the room was spacious. We were in the area during off-season so there really weren’t many people around. We explored the surrounding area of the hotel and all we could find was a night market and a dead mall. Or so we thought! Located inside this mall is a 3D museum. I imagine this place to be completely packed during the summer but when we went, we were the only ones there!

The museum is huge, spanning 2 separate buildings. There are 3D paintings that you become apart of. Since we were the only customers, an employee decided to be our personal tour guide and photographer. She helped us pose for every photo and insisted on us taking photos together. Andrew and I had so much fun running around this place! I Imagine it to be less enjoyable when it’s very busy but we got so lucky.


Contributed by Sigournee Grano
Sigournee is the co-creator of Roaming Love. She is a travel enthusiast, photographer, writer and wife.