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A Day Spent at The Museum of Selfies

California United States

I have been to every single pop-up & museum that has popped up in Los Angeles. First was the Museum of Ice Cream and after that success, it seemed everyone was coming up with Museum ideas. I had no idea what to expect when I entered The Museum of Selfies in Glendale. It is located right on Brand Ave so I assume they must be getting a lot of curious people passing by. I walked in with my best friend Courtney and we were immediately blown away. The space is big and laid out really well. There is no time limit and you are allowed to go back into rooms, instead of the usual rule of “keep moving along and no going back.” You are immediately offered a selfie stick to use during your visit. Mine was mint green; my favorite color!


The Museum of Selfies is ABSOLUTELY my favorite “pop up museum” yet. Why? The rooms are well decorated, the music isn’t blaring and best of all? There are hidden props in almost each room and you are allowed to touch and use all of them. I loved that! It made every room like a scavenger hunt; picking up hats and pearls for photo props. This place also actually exhibits facts and what not about selfies and selfie culture.

The rooms and installations were plentiful. The Museum of Selfies has been open since April 1st so I was worried the installations would be in a bad condition but nope! Everything still looked brand new! My favorite room was the Victorian room. This one especially was filled with props to help spruce up your photos and selfies. My favorite installation was a mirrored car that you are allowed to climb on and sit on. I cannot get over how refreshing it was to have Olga and her staff encourage patrons to touch everything. It really made this experience much more immersive than the rest. I spent over an hour running around this place, a smile permanently on my face the entire time. The staff was beyond friendly and available to help take your photos. I visited on a Wednesday afternoon so there weren’t too many people there but everyone was so kind. We all helped each other out with photos and angles!

In such a competitive space, I am sure it can be easy to just open up another generic pop-up museum. If you visit one this year, make it The Museum of Selfies. The Glendale location is open till May 31st, 2018. I overheard the staff saying that it may move to another location next but its a mystery as of now. I encourage all to visit before it closes! You can purchase tickets in advance on their website: //

Contributed by Sigournee Grano
Sigournee is the co-creator of Roaming Love. She is a travel enthusiast, photographer, writer and wife.