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A Hidden Paradise in Mexico: Las Estacas

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I have been living abroad in Mexico City for a couple of months now. Although Mexico sometimes suffers from not having the best reputation in the world, it is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen and I have felt at home since the first day.

The perk of living here, besides being able to eat tacos everyday, is discovering all sorts of places that are off the beaten tourist tracks. One of these hidden paradises is Las Estacas. I’m sure if the Garden of Eden still existed today, it would look something like this. Las Estacas is the birthplace of the Yuatepec river, where a natural spring pushes out mineral water from the mountains and since it is the beginning of all beginnings, the water is so pure you just couldn’t believe your eyes – and trust me when I say these pictures were only able to capture half of the real magic!

Besides being able to swim in mesmerizing clear waters, there are plenty of activities to do such as kayaking, diving, snorkeling and all sorts of adventurous rope swings. There is also a hotel in case you want to stay a night and enough food facilities such as a kiosk and a restaurant.

Las Estacas is about a 90 minute drive from Mexico City and you really will need a car to get there. The entrance fee is 350MXN for adults and little children are free. If you seek a local adventure, I definitely recommend you to go here!

Insiders Tip: during the week, there are almost no visitors and you will have a greater chance of having the park to yourself!