California, United States

A Local Look at Huntington Beach

California United States

Even though I love traveling to new places and always exploring, there’s no place like home! I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life and Huntington Beach has become one of my favorite hang out places (especially on the weekends). I have my own Huntington must do’s – I always feel like I missed out if I don’t do one!

My mornings always start with a quick stop at Banzai Bowls. Most of the time, there will be a long line so I usually try to order online and walk up to the pickup counter, saving time for my beach day. This is by far my favorite place to get acai – “Sharks Cove” is my favorite! On the way back, I always walk down Main Street and shop through all the good deals and cute boutiques.

Of course my other favorite part of home is the beach! I love tanning, running through the waves, relaxing with music, and paddle boarding! Huntington Beach always has the best waves for surfers and paddle boarders. It doesn’t matter what time you come down to the beach,the surfers will always be out. This is a huge plus for me when I take my DJI Mavic Drone.

Once the group I am with starts getting a little hungry, we take a stroll down the pier and head to Ruby’s Diner, where we like to get my personal favorite – endless fries & milkshakes. Who doesn’t love endless fries!? Sometimes there’s a wait but you can always kill the time checking out all the fisherman’s wins for the day! You’d be surprised how big the fish can get!

If your staying through the night, you’ll love the sunset. With all the palm trees by the pier, sunsets can get pretty epic. After dinner, There are plenty of options like a beach bonfire, dinner on Main Street, hit the bars or even join a Huntington Beach pub crawl! I always have so much fun at Huntington Beach and California weather definitely tops it off!

Contributed by Susan Houmes