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Huacachina: An Unbeliavable Oasis

Latin America Peru

Honestly, I always have thought that the idea of an “oasis” was a myth. I never knew that they were real and that it was so easy to get to them. 5 hours in a bus from Lima to the south of Perú, you arrive to Ica. From there, you can take a mototaxi, that for 4 soles, will take you to the oasis of Huacachina.



It is a small lake surrounded by huge dunes. This place is SO special. Around the lake, there are several options for hostels, restaurants, bars and tours. In the afternoon, most of the tours take you out in their cars so you can get lost into the dunes. Some tours will do sand-boarding and other tours will take you to the dunes to catch the amazing sunset!




You can find accommodation from $30 soles to $90 soles. The tours to the dunes are around $30 to $40 soles; it just depends om the hostal or company you book the tour with. The weather is very hot in the morning and it gets very cold after the sun sets. You can go to the dunes at nighttime to enjoy a view of the stars but you need to be prepare for the cold. Huacachina has been one of the most unbelievable places that I have ever been. This place is definitely a highlight if you are traveling to Perú.