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Argentina and Beyond

Argentina Latin America New Zealand Oceania

I think my insanity for looking into the world comes from many, many years ago, perhaps decades, or centuries. Perhaps of some lost ancestor, or of some distant relative (or not so distant).  I will never know exactly but really, it doesn’t matter.

What is really interesting is when you feel the call of mother earth towards a new awakening. The exact moment when you begin to feel the echo of those trumpets played by angels that resonate in your inner self. There is no real explanation, they simply do. It depends on each one of us to listen to them or not.

Many people are not able to feel them due to the noise that surrounds them, so the subtle call goes unnoticed. Others feel terrified believing that they are going crazy because the feeling does not match what the system says it should be. And then there´s us, the ones the simply out of curiosity, start to pay attention. And when this happens, that voice starts to grow, it starts to be fed out of intentions, dreams, freedom and desires. It gets bigger and bigger, and it gets louder every time, more powerful, until that day arrives where it pushes us to go out, into the world, and it is that voice, THE voice, that marks the beginning of the way.

When I become aware of that little echo, I began to dedicate the time to see what it was. I started with small experiments like traveling alone within Argentina. I wanted to see what my reactions to these new challenges were. First short trips, then trips a little longer, after that trips to nearby destinations and some a little further. Suddenly, the doors of a new world were slowly opened for me.

Those experiences, however insignificant they seemed, were responsible for shaping that voice that kept screaming inside of me. After searching and searching and looking for options to make my first great experience abroad, it finally appeared and it felt like a light that shines at the end of the tunnel.

It took a couple of long years. I needed to prepare myself both, psychologically and economically (the second was the most difficult), but after all that effort, came the long expected reward: that long and at the same time frightening, transpolar flight. A straight, non-stop flight that landed on the magical Maori lands! That’s right, like so many other travelers, my first great challenge was to cross the oceans towards those tiny but huge islands called New Zealand! From that awakening, that little voice that soon became a foghorn, started to work as a kind of guide, counselor, guardian angel.
Together we took the first step of that infinite row, the one that today we continue to walk. The voice and I, we work together.

Contributed by Alejandro Ortega