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The Old City of Ayutthaya

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I am Daniel from Puerto Montt, in southern Chile. I had the chance to travel to South East Asia last year and spend almost 6 months there in different places. Ayutthaya represents one of our favorite places in Thailand, and this only after spending little bit more than 24 hours there.

Ayuttaya is located approximately 80kms north of the capital Bangkok, making it an easy place to reach by train. We arrived there around lunch time and took our time to settle in our room and then walk around as much as possible. I already started loving everything about this town, from the old ruins to its peace and quiet. The first day was our first taste to everything we wanted to see in Thailand, and we could not wait to see more the next day. Early in the morning of the second day, we rented two bicycles. With a map in our hands and a lot of energy and determination, we started our ride around the streets to see as many amazing old temples as we could. Every turn was a new discovery, and it was hard to resist not taking my camera out and shooting while on my bicycle. Everything around us was beautiful.

Wat Maha That, Couldn’t help smiling here.
Very peaceful ancient ruins everywhere
Wat Yai Chaimongkil. Sarita and I pose with all the Buddhas.

The red colors of the old bricks, mixed with the strong light that the sun provided, gave us perfect conditions for beautiful pictures. Most of the old ruins seemed like a freshly painted masterpiece and a complete delight for the eyes. It was a constant battle between wanting to stay and observe each place forever and wanting to go to the next one and see what it was like. This combination with the beautifully-conserved parks made it even more attractive for us. Green space is always welcome, and if it comes with quiet waters from the surrounding rivers, even better!

Wat Yai Chaimangkil. One of the two huge ‘sleeping’ Buddhas in Ayutthaya.
Wat Phu Khao Thong. Our bikes rest, I jump for this shot!

It was one of the most exhausting days I can remember from our time in Thailand. It was a scorching day and our hunger for old gigantic temples made us ride our bikes around the city for many hours. I drank more water and coffee than ever. However, we enjoyed every second of that day, even the times we couldn’t find shade to rest for even 5 seconds. We even enjoyed it when we got ourselves lost in the middle of the country with a few cows as our only companion.

Wat Phu Khao Thong. My personal favorite. Huge, quite, beautiful.

Ayutthaya deserves all my gratitude for being such an amazing town, filled with history, beauty and peace everywhere. I cannot wait to come back and stay longer, enjoy the sunrise, the sunset, and spend many nights wondering the streets. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and find inspiration in them. Hopefully, you’ll end up like me, with a few hundred pictures and wanting to come back again!

Wat Phra Si Sanphet. And yet another amazing old temple, this one a tomb for kings.
Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Last stop of the day. Beautiful place to enjoy the sunset and finish our day.
Contributed by Daniel Bustamante