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Back to Thailand: Koh Phi Phi Don Island

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In February 2017, I decided to go back to one of my favorite places in the world! This would be Thailand, where great hospitality is out done only by its great cuisine and landscapes! To me, Thailand is the land of smiles. I took the flight from Dubai to Phuket. Then, I took a ferry from Rassada Pier near Phuket town (departs at 11 am and 1 pm / takes two hours to reach the Koh Phi Phi Don island).

Please note: that it is better to book the return trip to Phuket from Koh Phi Phi Don island, as it was 30% cheaper. Koh Phi Phi Don island has two sides to it. There is the nightlife side, which lasts till 2 am (very loud and fun). There are fire dancers and lots of backpackers and cheap accommodations. However, my favorite side of Koh Phi Phi Don island is the calmer, more serene atmosphere. The water around the island is so clear and blue that you will want to stay swimming and snorkeling all day!

I would recommend you stay at a medium-range priced “Viking” themed accommodation away from the noise of the party but still close enough to get there for a night out. Please do try Thai cuisine in the busy town center; especially the pad thai, fried rice, green curry, papaya salad, morning-glory and Thai dessert, mango sticky rice. Street food is very safe, very tasty, rich in flavor and cheap. Take advantage and indulge! Also, do not miss out on a Thai massage; very affordable and a great relaxing experience (averaged at $10 per hour).

You can do lots of hikes on Koh Phi Phi Don. I recommend you go to the view-point to see the sunset, and take pictures with both sides of the island. It is a 45 min hike from town and 1$ fee to enter the area.
An alternative closer to the Viking accommodation, is the less busy view-point of Loh Mee Dee. Take water and some snacks for the hike and wear comfortable shoes.

For around $30, you can also book a snorkel trip to the Beach (Maya bay where Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” was filmed). Always check with many tour operators for the cheaper price and best offer. I hope you enjoy your trip and the Andaman Sea, as I have been staying there in Thai paradise!

Contributed by Emile Saab