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Among all the places I have visited, Bali remains my special favorite. One of the main reasons for this is that it is the epicenter of world class hospitality and super helpful and loving people. We experienced ever smiling and extremely courteous culture in the Balinese people.

Bali is a set of breathtaking islands in Indonesia with everything you require for a simply perfect holiday; beaches, adventure, sights seeing, night life, luxury, nature and a lot more.

Stay: You can divide your stay between two areas of Bali, namely Seminyak and Nusa Dua. Seminyak is a busy town with lots of places to hangout and party so it is very popular with youth. On the other hand, Nusa Dua is known for its peace, tranquility and beauty. It is quiet and relaxing with a stretch of luxury resorts along the beach side. So by dividing the stay, you will have the best of both the worlds and a super happy experience.

Some Tips and Tricks:

  • USD and Indonesian Rupiah is widely accepted currency. However, it is better to carry Indonesian Rupiah as well or else you’ll be at a loss in exchange for USD.
  • Take a local number SIM as soon as you land in Bali as that will be very convenient in coordinating with the locals.
  • Take enough sunscreen, as Bali experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, where the temperature does not fall below 24 degrees Celsius.
  • Be very careful while exchanging money since the fraudsters confuse you with the amounts and two extra zeros Rupiah has got and very smartly pay you less. Hence, it is recommended that you should get money exchanged only from reliable exchange counters, though a little pricey.
  • Almost all activities other than fixed entry spots engage in good bargain. So always haggle for a good price.
  • Basic English is understood at all tourist points. Additional advantage is Indonesian following phonetic language.

DAY 1 – Seminiyak & Ubud Village  

Places Covered: Seminyak sight seeing

Places to visit: Ubud village, Coffee plantation, Rice terraces, Monkey forest, Tanah lot temple.

Coffees plantation: This is an interesting experience where the caretaker of the farm explains to you the process of preparation of the world’s most expensive coffee (luwak coffee made by the poop of an animal. Yes, you read it right!!!) You even get to taste 16 different types of coffees for free like jasmine coffee, rose coffee, coconut coffee etc. Out of them, we loved cocoa coffee the most. The guide will then take you through the various plantations of the farm including fruits, vegetables, and herbs etc.

Time taken: 1 hour

Entry fees: 00

Cost of luwak coffee: $4 for a cup

Rice Terraces: A location with superb views and abundant freshness!! The terraces are huge mountains cut in step-like pattern to enable them to store water for plantation of paddy. Wow. Just wow! Guided Day treks are also available for rice terraces.

Time taken (just sight-seeing): 30 minutes

Entry fees: USD 1.5

Ubud village: Ubud village is a traditional village depicting various kinds of handicrafts and artisans like silversmith village, goldsmith village and batik art village. Artistic and handicraft items are available for sale as well. It’s a wonderful place for art and culture lovers.

Time taken : 2 Hours

Entry Fees: 00

Tanah Lot Temple: This is the signature location of Bali on Google. A Hindu temple, in the middle of the water from where the view of the sunset is mesmerizing. Entry inside the temple is restricted for tourists. However, the aura of this most famous temple is just worth a satisfying visit.

Time to Visit: During Sunset

Monkey Forest: this place has got monkeys, monkeys and monkeys. It is considered to be a sacred place for Balinese people. This place is very popular with tourists of western countries. Indians could give it a miss since India has also got a lot of habitats where monkeys can be seen.

Time Taken: 1.5 Hours

Entry Fee: $3

DAY 2 – Seminyak to Lembongan island

Places to visit: Panorama point, Mangroves, Dream Beach.

Off the southeast coast of Bali lies the Lembongan island which is one of the cleanest and most peaceful beaches. Its beauty is as fascinating as its tranquility. We went on a day trip to Lembongan from Sanur. However, I would definitely like to have an overnight halt at this unexplored gem next time. We enjoyed every bit of our time in Lembongan and would recommend it to everyone traveling to Bali.

Lembongan Island: Take a ferry or a speed boat from Sanur coast to Lembongan Island. The ferry ride will take around 45 minutes. A day trip to Lembongan would primarily include the following:

Panorama Point: If you are a lover of city skylines and helicopter views of a place, Panorama point is the place to be. It is the topmost point of the island which gives a feel of a European city with red roofs all around on one side. The other half is covered with dense forests, again making it a place worth taking a lot of selfies.

Mangroves: Mangroves are deep and dark forests in the water. The place is a must visit for the silence, peace and the dense view it offers. You could also take a mangroves tour offered by the trip organizers out there.

Snorkeling: The transparent waters and beautiful coral bed makes Lembongan the best place to satisfy your adventurous buds. Experience the superb snorkeling and scuba diving here. We did snorkeling at mangrove point. However, the best views of corals and colorful fishes are experienced at Crystal bay. There are day trips to help you cover all the snorkeling spots of Lembongan.
Time taken: day tour/overnight halt as per your wish (Overnight halt recommended)

Cost for the ferry: USD 30 per person for a return trip

Cost of day tour: USD 20 per person

Dream Beach: Probably the most aesthetic beach of Indonesia, the view it offers is beyond description. The devils tear and the swing near “the dream beach” board are the two most famous spots found all over Instagram. The cafe above dream beach is recommended for the spectacular view, great variety in food and interesting seating arrangements.

DAY 3 – Return from Lembongan island and Seminyak local sight seeing

Inclusions: Seminyak square and Rock Bar

Your evening will be spent at a place with an unforgettable and miraculous view; The Rock Bar, Ayana spa and resorts. It’s like a huge extended balcony located just above the water. You can descend down through the stairs or take a rope way to reach the Rock Bar. How about a glass of wine, best beats in town and dashing waves against your wall!?

Time taken: However long you want to admire the beauty (sunset view recommended)

Seminyak Square: Return by mid-morning from Lembongan and head towards the very happening Seminyak square located in the heart of Seminyak. This street has a never ending collection of high end boutiques, branded show rooms, multi-cuisine restaurants, beach clubs with picturesque views, awesome spa centers and a lot more. So this afternoon is all yours to relax or hog or shop till you drop.. Go for it!!!

Time Taken: 2-3 Hours

Cost: Your credit card limit