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Eating Bia Hoi in Hanoi

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Our friend┬áNatalie took us to the local Bia Hoi for dinner and drinks. The Bia Hoi specializes in daily beer that costs about 10 cents a glass. The waitresses continuously bring you beer until you tell them to stop. The beer was quite light so it would take a few to get drunk but at 10 cents a pop, it wouldn’t be too hard. The beer is made daily and has a shelf life of 24 hours so it must be consumed that day. It was such an authentic Vietnamese experience. We also ate very well for quite inexpensive. There are lots of restaurants like this one scattered all over Hanoi. It was a treat to dine with the locals.

Morning glory in a butter and garlic sauce, french fries, fried pork ribs with a salt rub, fried tofu in a tomato sauce and fried rice
Awesome experience dining among locals and using chopsticks for the first time


Contributed by Sigournee Grano
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