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Cartagena Restaurants: Part 2

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You can’t google “Cartagena Restaurants” without seeing Di Silvio Trattoria. It is located in Getsemani, a neighborhood located right outside of the old walls of Cartagena. We walked there one night to try this raved about Italian restaurant. We were seated right away but shortly after being seated, there was a wait outside. The restaurant was busy the entire time we dined there. I ordered pizza and Andrew ordered a calzone. It was giant! Both entrees were delicious and large. I would recommend sharing a meal here. The portions are big but the prices were inexpensive.

Enormous calzone

One afternoon while walking the colorful streets of Cartagena, we stumbled upon La Tumbamuertos Burger Bar. The owner speaks English and the food was good. The burgers are large and they come with fries. I couldn’t finish my burger but the restaurant is a nice place to rest from the heat outside.

A man and his beer
IMG_4447_opt (1)
My cheeseburger with house sauce and fries

I am not a coffee drinker but my husband sure is! Andrew was on the quest to try to the best coffee in Cartagena and I am happy to report he found it at Cafe San Alberto. The baristas are coffee enthusiasts and couldn’t wait to tell us about why this coffee is so special. We shared a brownie while Andrew had an espresso. He loved the coffee so much that he bought San Alberto coffee beans to bring home with us.

Rich brownie and Andrew’s espresso

If you are craving authentic Italian pizza, do not go anywhere else but La Diva. We ate here twice because the pizza was some of the best pizza we have ever had. It was just as authentic as any pizza¬†we ate in Italy. They have a large wine selection. I recommend the Chilean Rose wines! The place is always packed so expect to wait for a table. It is completely worth it. The pizza was so delicious that we didn’t even pause to take a photo of it!

You will find lots of street vendors while walking the small streets of Cartagena. They sell everything from blenders to shoelaces. They also sell lots of fried Colombian food like arepas and empanadas. You can find fresh fruit on any street corner at any time of day. The prices are very inexpensive and the vendors are kind.


Arepas filled with cheese
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