Cartagena: Rich in History and Charm

By Victoria Nguyen on November 13, 2017

As a female solo traveler, I chose to stay in Cartagena- one of the safer cities of Colombia. Rich in history and charm, the Walled City is a must. This city comes to life at night and introduces a whole new atmosphere. A big reason I enjoyed my trip there was because Colombians are generally very welcoming and fun to be around. They always want to make sure you’re taken care of and are having a good time.

Sitting on part of the wall of the Walled City

I actually stayed in Bocagrande, which is only a short taxi ride from the Walled City. If you go to the beach there, be prepared to be approached constantly by vendors. They can be a bit much but they usually mean well and are just trying to make their living. Food and handicrafts are usually fairly priced.

I also went on a day trip to Isla Baru, for bluer water and whiter sand. Again, there are vendors there but the place is stunning.

Bocagrande beach and high rises

If I get the chance to go to Colombia again one day, I would definitely visit other cities. I’m glad I got to experience Cartagena and see what makes it special, like it’s iconic fruit ladies (Palenqueras), historic plazas, walls, and cannons.

Photo with the famous Palenqueras
Contributed by Victoria Nguyen

Colombia, Latin America

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