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Colorful Coyoacán: Place of Coyotes and Frida Kahlo House

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We were so excited to visit Coyoacán! We had heard that it is not only colorful but there is lots of good restaurants! We took an Uber from the historic center of Mexico City to the Frida Kahlo house, which is the main tourist attraction in Coyoacán. We arrived to a huge line. I mean, massive line. Andrew walked to the front of the line to find out how long the wait was going to be. 1 1/2 – 2 hours! There was no way I was standing in the direct sun for almost 2 hours to get into anywhere. While I was waiting for Andrew to come back with information, I heard a couple get out of line to book reservations on their phone. I told Andrew we should try it so we left the huge line and walked to the park. After scrambling around the Frida Kahlo House website, we were able to book tickets for later that day! I was so happy!

Colorful Coyoacán
Colorful Coyoacán
Happy after reserving tickets for the Frida Kalho
Happiness after reserving tickets for the Frida Kalho

Since we didn’t have to walk back to the Frida Kahlo House for a couple of hours, we took our time visiting the local park, market and church. The park was great; filled with kids with balloons and beautiful gazebos. I absolutely loved the marketplace in Coyoacán. It was covered so you didn’t have to worry about the sun. Vendors were selling everything from coffee, candles, leather jackets to candy, perfume and lanterns. I purchased coffee for my mother here! We both enjoy browsing markets so we stayed for quite some time. I could look at trinkets and goods all day if I had the time! The church was also lovely. It is huge so you cannot miss it. It is right behind the marketplace. In fact, one of the exits of the marketplace leads to the front entry of the church. We respectfully went inside the church and it was gorgeous. Since we went during the Christmas season, the church still had its nativity scene up.

The park
Treats in the marketplace





Beautiful church
Inside the church

After a few more marketplaces and a walk through Plaza Hidalgo, we headed to the Frida Kahlo House for our reservation. We still had to get in a line in the sun for about 30 minutes but we were let in shortly after. You have to check in your backpacks but purses are acceptable. If you want to take pictures inside the house, you have to pay for a photo permit. Since we already paid to get into the house, I had no desire to pay extra for a photo permit. You are allowed to take photographs outside of the house without a permit. The grounds are lovely, with your eyes drawn immediately to the bright blue walls of the house. We strolled around the courtyard first before getting in another line to enter into the house. I knew the Frida Kahlo house was going to be busy because it’s an international tourist attraction but it was very frustrating to trail through the Frida Kahlo House. Although the House is beautiful and the art is of course, meaningful and powerful, it was very off putting to be pushed through the House like cattle. The staff tells you when and when you cannot enter a room. You will never NOT be in a line while visiting the Frida Kahlo House.

Near the park
Near the park
Popular fountain in Plaza Hildago
Museo De Frida Kahlo


Museo De Frida Kahlo
Museo De Frida Kahlo

After the Frida Kahlo House, we ate a good lunch and raced over to the Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares. Andrew had suggested we visit but we arrived about 15 minutes before closing. Instead, we toured the outside of the bright building and spoke to other visitors from Texas. We caught an Uber back to the historic center, exhausted and beat from the long day. I think that Coyoacan is simply beautiful. The area is safe, tree lined and not too busy. There were definitely lots of people but once you get away from the Frida Kahlo House, it is quite peaceful. I would love to live in Coyoacan if I ever moved to Mexico City!

Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares
Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares
Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares








Contributed by Sigournee Grano
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