Middle East, United Arab Emirates

Dubai and Beyond

Middle East United Arab Emirates

I’ve always wanted to explore the world. When I was a kid, I remember being very limited mentally because the way I was raised. I grew up in a negative household where dreams and goals were just for rich people. I was lucky enough to meet a man at church who changed my life. We became good friends and as time went by, he noticed all my worries and aspirations I had in life. He was the first one who believed in me and told me I can do it, and he trained me with knowledge and conversation. I wanted to explore the world and he told me he would take me on a trip or two. Our first trip was to Niagara Falls and then South Beach Miami. It was nothing out of the ordinary but these trips began to change my life because I saw what was out there, the different people and just different land and scenery that I had never seen before. My next trip, and I couldn’t believe it, was Europe. I went to England, France and Greece. I mean I just couldn’t believe it! In 1 year, I had taken 3 trips when I had almost never travelled before unless with my parents, which was once every 5 years. Santorini, Greece changed my life and made me want so much more of travel. Santorini is a place where the sunset takes you out of this world. 

This journey started in 2009 and ever since, I have been to about 10 countries. For example, I have traveled to Dubai twice, Greece twice, London, France, Dominican Republic 8 times, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Canada, and some USA cities like Las Vegas Nevada, Utah, and San Francisco. I love all of them because every place is unique in its own way. They all teach you something. But my favorite and it’s hard to say, is Greece. I’m an island man!  I can’t deny that. The beaches and beautiful views will leave you speechless. Greece is also full of so much history. I honestly can’t wait to go back. Dubai is my 2nd most favorite because in this city, I have learned to let go of so many fears like sky diving. Best place to sky dive is Dubai 100%.

I love Dubai especially and I have been there twice already and can’t wait till the 3rd time. It’s a unique, modern, organized, very clean city full of action, life, and creativity. I love it!! I have so many beautiful memories there. I went sky diving for the first time in my life. I did so many things on this trip that I thought I would never do like sky diving, fly boarding, skiing, and I also proposed to my fiancé at the top of the Burj khalifa! I love Dubai for It all. 

I want to explore as much of the world as possible. I definitely want to go to Thailand, Bali, Maldives, Iceland, and Havasu falls in Arizona. Those are the next trips I want to take!! But next up is Puerto Rico in October 2018!