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From North to South: A Trip Across Vietnam

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It was almost 4 years ago, but the memories are still vivid in my mind. Memories of a beautiful land, full of different landscapes and ethnic groups. Vietnam is a country that lives slowly. I followed their rhythms, using as many local transports as my time allowed. I fully immersed myself in the real soul of Vietnam.

Coming back home – Mekong river
Sunset in Cat Ba

The north, close-by to Sapa village, is a stop for whom that love to go trekking up in the mountains, to discover the different tribes and the beauty of the rice fields. Spend a night in Sapa and then devote one or two nights in the mountains, hosted by the locals inside small villages like Ta Van. Visit the local market of Bac Ha, full of colors, tastes and smells.

Floating market – Mekong river
Trekking around Sapa

Discover the ancient beauty of Hanoi; walk inside its parks and taste the amazing variety of its street food. Wander around Cat Ba island and discover the incredible landscapes of Ha Long bay. Look at the rocks reflecting into the sea, with the light green of its vegetation and the peace of the villages of the house boats.

Flying rocks in Ha Long bay

Then, in your route to the south, rent a small motorbike to discover the highlands and the temples close-by to Dalat village. Take the extreme south and immerse yourself in the warm area of the Mekong river valley. Wander around on a small boat, visiting floating markets, villages and fishing spots. End your trip in Ho Chi Minh. You will come back with your soul full of images and good memories.

Reflection – around Ha Long Bay