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Colombia Latin America

We set aside one afternoon to check out the neighborhood of Getsemani. It is located right outside the walls of Cartagena. We walked from our hotel and past a large traffic circle. Keep walking and you will begin to see signs that say Getsemani. We arrived in the early afternoon and there were not many people out. There is barely any shade in Getsemani so we quickly became hot while wondering the small streets. Bear the heat and check out all of the unique street art. There is a mural or art piece on almost every street. A man came up to us while we were photographing the art and he let us know that almost everyday, there is a free street art guided walking tour of Getsemani.




There are lots of restaurants in Getsemani but we found that most of them do not open until dinnertime. In fact, we went back to Getsemani at nighttime and it was a completely different place. Kids were playing outside in Plaza Trinidad and there were food stands set up. You can’t miss Plaza Trinidad, which features a giant mustard yellow church. If you really want to get the full Getsemani experience, check out the street art in the daytime and come back for dinner at nighttime.

Iglesia de la Trinidad



Contributed by Sigournee Grano
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