Hawaii, United States

Hawaii: A State of Grace

Hawaii United States

The idea for Spreading Alohaa started in my subconscious when I first moved to Europe from Hawai’i. I had a deep feeling that something was missing in my life, and as the years passed, I realised that it was the spirit of Aloha. Since that epiphany, I’ve made it my mission to inspire and help others achieve balance and fulfillment through a healthy lifestyle, for mind, body and soul.

Sunsets on O’ahu (one of the eight islands that make up Hawaii) along with its capital, Honolulu, will mesmerise you. The spirit of Aloha is everywhere – there’s a deep intrinsic feeling from the moment you land until you leave that cannot be explained, it must be experienced first hand. There is a perpetual feeling of gratitude, of simplicity, and an overwhelming thought of how lucky one is to witness all this beauty, including a breath-taking sunset like this overlooking the famous 200 million year old view at Diamond Head!

Kokohead is the headland that defines the eastern side of Maunalua Bay, along the south-eastern side of the island of O’ahu. It’s a popular tourist attraction with over 1,000 steps overlooking downtown Honolulu and the famous beachfront neighbourhood of Waikiki. I hiked this a few years ago and not only can you capture a stunning panoramic view of the island like this one, you can also get a great cardio workout walking all those steps. Talk about a burn in your quads and glutes! All worth it trust me!

Hawai’ians are one of a kind. Extremely hospitable, from the moment you put your foot on the island, they welcome you not as a guest but as Ohana (family). I was lucky enough to stay with a close friend for couple of weeks while on O’ahu. Breakfast views like this makes leaving unbearable. In the heart of Waikiki, I captured this photo on my first day during a welcoming feast. And as you can see the strength and beauty of the Pacific is endless.

Surfing is entrenched in the Hawaiian culture. It’s a must when visiting! There are several breath-taking spots for this, including Waikiki, depending on your experience. Waimea Bay (pictured above), which is located in the historical town of Haleiwa, is world-famous for its waves and surf competitions. A bit out of my league of surfing (though I’m working on it), I did, however, watch in wonder at those beautiful wave breaks. To get a glimpse of historical O’ahu, you do not want to miss this part of the island.

Let me tell you about Ohana (family). It’s a word that I first came across when living on the island. As an outsider (non-local), you’d think that you might feel alone, but you couldn’t be more wrong. After six days on the island, I met this braddah (Hawaiian way of saying ‘bro’): Shane Lyman and his warrior wife Pomaika. They immediately welcomed me into their home, as a friend and family member – something I’d never experienced before. They made me feel like a local, a part of the community, and gave me a sense of what Aloha Aina (love of the island) really means. My encounter with them made me feel, right from the start, that I was part of their family- something I’ll carry with me forever. It is one of the experiences that inspired me to go on my mission with Audrey to spread Alohaa around the world. I want to share what they showed me through compassion, love, and unconditional commitment – Aloha nui loa (with lots of love)!

Contributed by Ash Amiri