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Train Track Homes of Hanoi

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We visited a neighborhood that is divided by active trail tracks. Whenever the train comes by, the people who reside there must quickly move all their belongings inside. At first, it felt a bit weird walking alongside people’s homes. A lot of the homes didn’t have proper doors so you could easily see inside them. The tracks were scattered with trash and debris but we also spotted lots of chickens, cats and dogs.


Natalie loves cats

We must have not come at the right time of day because we didn’t see the train coming through. The trains go by twice a day. We encountered many people sitting outside of their homes and everyone was friendly, even offering us smiles as we snapped photos of the area. It was an incredible experience to see how some people live in Hanoi. You can find this neighborhood on the outskirts of the Old Quarter.

Hanoi is stacked
Taking a walk on the wild side


Contributed by Sigournee Grano
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