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I Finally Saw A Glacier

Alaska United States

As soon as my family decided on Alaska for our family vacation, I knew it was finally time for me to see a glacier up close. Exit Glacier was located only 2 1/2 hours away from Anchorage so my dad decided we should make the trek. We stopped along the way to scope out a beautiful river. There wasn’t another family in sight. The water was so clear that you could see your reflection in it. We stopped one more time as soon as the glacier was in sight. You cannot miss this pit stop. Seriously, you will see a ton of cars and people pulling over. As soon as I spotted the glacier from afar, I started to get really excited.

A man in nature
Can you see the excitement on my face?! This was the pit stop before heading into the park area.

When we arrived at Exit Glacier, we rummaged through the gift shop before joining a ranger led hike. The ranger was so informative and she allowed guests to stop and take photographs. She warned us of wild animal sightings and told us what to do if faced with an animal. I was happy to be with her because I know I would completely freeze if any animal was in my path. Although you can do the hike yourself, I recommend a ranger led hike. She stopped to explain what different plants were to us, which was helpful. It was great to see the park but also learn something new. The ground was muddy and the air was pretty cold so I would recommend a jacket and sneakers or boots. The hike wasn’t too hard and I think that most people could complete it. The ranger will stop a lot to show you various plants so you get a good amount of rest time during the hike.

Hiking to the glacier with our guide
First look at the glacier inside the park

Exit Glacier Park should be a must on your trip to Anchorage. It is not too bad of a drive and the park is lovely. Seriously, the glacier was mind-blowing. It is huge, powerful and grand. It felt so crazy to be able to stand so close to it. After we reached the glacier, our guide went back to the entrance and we took our time heading back. We stopped at a river in the park on the way out. The water had huge ice pieces floating in it. My dad picked some up and started sucking on it like a Popsicle. We all followed and it was the freshest water I have ever tasted.

The wonderful ranger who guided us to the glacier
The wonderful ranger who guided us to the glacier
Huge chunks of ice floating down the river in Exit Glacier Park
Huge chunks of ice floating down the river in Exit Glacier Park
My gorgeous mother and the river
My gorgeous mother looking back at the glacier one more time





Contributed by Sigournee Grano
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