Latin America, Mexico

Isla Holbox

Latin America Mexico

A 1 hour drive and 30 minute boat from Cancun, there is this “almost virgin” beautiful island called Holbox. It’s been nearly only 5 years since tourism put their eye on the island, but they keep it clean and simple.

The island has no roads, no malls, no banks. The streets are only sand, there cute little hostels, restaurants and stores are decorated by beautiful murals. Although they say there are only 16 official murals, you can plenty of street art.


The water!!!! It is as clear as my soul (haha) and can only be described as an endless turquoise pool with extremely white sand. If you are going to visit the Mexican Caribbean, Isla Holbox needs to be on your list! A couple days is enough to visit, depending on how many things you would like to do. Isla Holbox is also famous for the whale shark tours so you can swim with these majestic animals when they are in the area.