California, United States

L.A. Weekly’s Burger & Beer Event

California United States

Imagine a place where good beer is ever-flowing, delicious burgers are served up from pro chefs, and cash is never exchanged. No, I didn’t die and go to heaven – just to the U.S.C. Colosseum for L.A. Weekly’s Burger & Beer Event. For a $50 fee, attendees can enjoy the taste (and buzz) from over 35 craft breweries and 20 burger restaurants. The only limit to this buffet (other than what your stomach can handle) is the 3-hour time frame.  But let’s face it, if I had another hour or two to indulge myself, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand up!

The event was set up along the perimeter of the stadium. Each vendor had a small tent from which they served their food or drinks. Most breweries offered 2 or 3 of their best beers. The burger vendors offered less selection, as they continued to churn out their one signature burger/slider for hungry patrons.

I arrived with my friend Freddy 15 minutes before the gates opened.  In queue, our IDs were checked as we enjoyed the wafting smell of burgers on a grill.  Upon entering, we were handed a cardboard box for holding burgers and a small cup for beer. It was GO TIME.

Angel City Brewery. The Oolong Saison Ale was a crisp and light Belgian-style ale brewed with tea. Their IPA was well balanced with the perfect amount of hops.
Strand Brewing Company. Their Orange Wheat Ale was delicious!
Absolution Brewing Company. Their Kelpie Stranger Scottish Ale was the smoothest dark ale I’ve ever had!
The Dude’s Brewing Company. Their Blood Orange Amber Ale fantastically mixes orange and vanilla flavors.

Freddy and I eagerly raced inside and headed to the first tent with no line. I asked for an I.P.A. and my cup was immediately filled. I could get used to this! We enjoyed sampling beer from 5 or 6 more breweries before deciding it was time to eat. The lines for food were a little bit longer than the ones for beer, but it never took longer than 15-20 minutes to reach the front. After filling our stomach with a gourmet slider, it was time for more beer. After that? More burgers. Then more beer. More burgers. More beer.

Slater’s 50 50 served a delicious burger with fried egg & avocado.
SoCal Burgers served THE BEST chili cheese fries I’ve ever had.

After enjoying food from 3 delicious restaurants and more beer than I could count, the event was over. It was very well organized – there didn’t seem to be any issues with line control, short supplies, rowdy patrons, or anything.  All of the vendors were incredibly friendly and seemed genuinely happy to share their creations. Truthfully, I think that this might be the best way to drink beer. You get TONS of variety, in small portions to help you pace yourself, with great food in between. Plus, enjoying live music under the Southern California sun! Does it get any better than this?

Contributed by Andrew Grano
Andrew is the co-creator of Roaming Love. He enjoys travel, live music, web development, and spending time with his wife.