New Mexico, United States

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return

New Mexico United States

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return is an eclectic and scientific adventure through artistically inspired space and time.

Meow Wolf is your childhood dreams come true. The second you enter you are inside a quarantined home that looks like an alien crash landing. You can walk through a refrigerator door that takes you to a futuristic travel guide like reality. Slide through the dryer machine portal to a tiny glowing room filled with your missing socks. You can feel like you’re a gold fish in an aquarium. You can even sit and pretend to drive a bus that has crashed vertically into the home. Every single nook and cranny is a different installation. There is no wonder this is a tourist hot spot in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There are no limits to this magical place. The installations and soundscapes envelop your senses, making you want to escape the everyday nonsense and never leave. Prepare yourself to fall in love with Meow Wolf, and remember to let the art become a part of you.

Contributed by Brianne Keefer