California, United States

My Coachella Experience

California United States

A Coachella experience is magical and to be desired, but I never would have experienced it the way I experienced it without the help of my friends. I have traveled to many places around the world and have met many people. One of my friends called me two weeks before Coachella and asked me if I would like to go. I had always heard about Coachella in Palm Springs, but for me, it was a pipe dream. Travel had taken most of my money.

My friend told me he had two tickets and asked would I like to bring someone, which of course I knew just who to call. I called another girl named Jess, who I had met abroad and who now lives near me in Canada. I was so excited to fly to LA as I had not been for 10 years. We were ecstatic to have the invitation and to be able to go together. We spent the next two weeks planning outfits, while my friend was sending us pictures of our Villa for the week (as there was quite a group of us). We brought bikinis and all the fix-ins for the beautiful weather.

My friend and I hopped on the plane together and couldn’t wait to get to Coachella. With construction at the airport and traffic on the ground, our travel plans were slightly delayed and caused us to miss most of the first day of Coachella Weekend 2. Of course, we were still determined to soak in as much as possible! We rested up and got up the next day ready to go in Coachella fashion.

We danced around the magical grounds, seeing everything we possibly could; the music, the fashion and the art. Our friend had Safari Tickets for us, which means we could go in special less crowded areas, artist areas and some areas to get food and drinks. It was truly a once in a life time experience. Some of my favourite artists were Travis Scott, Marshmallow and Martin Garrix, but there was too many to count and all the artists I was able to see were incredible!

Our friends had a Tent in the Safari area, where we were able to change clothes after a hot day, lounge around or meet up with friends. This Tent area was like a hotel with a concierge who would try their best to get you everything you needed. There was also transportation to transport you from the tents to the stages you wanted to be at. We were given snacks and water and they had a place for some refreshing body oils, which would help with headache or stress release, etc. They had giant games you could play like Chess and Beer Pong.

A trip is not complete without your friends and I was incredibly lucky to spend it with some of my closest friends in a once in a lifetime experience kind of way. We had a bit of a wait in LA before our flight and took the opportunity to wonder down the Walk of Fame. We met up with another of my friends and saw the Chinese Theater! I was so happy to be there with the people I was with and to be back in LA after 10 years. I had missed it dearly! The grass was green, the music was amazing and the weather was absolutely beautiful, I love you Cali, hope we meet again soon!

Contributed by Kelsey Rowe