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My Favorite Resorts in Cancun & Riviera Maya

Latin America Mexico

I know, I know everyone goes to Mexico, right? Everyone always asks me why we continue to choose Mexico to go to every year for our anniversary. It’s because I truly don’t think Mexico can be beat ESPECIALLY when you live in the USA. Between its pristine beaches, great food, short flight, and incredible excursions, I really don’t think there is a better place do an all-inclusive resort in than Mexico!

We personally love Cancun or Riviera Maya (mostly for the proximity) but have heard great things about Cabo as well! I originally was going to compare 4 resorts, but have narrowed it down to our favorite 2! These 2 resorts, in my eyes, are truly spectacular and have everything you could ever want!

Secrets The Vine:

This resort is for those looking to have an amazing time and party/stay active on vacation or looking to travel with friends! The entertainment staff at this resort is second to none! Valeria, Axel, and Eddy were the main players and they were the reason I loved this resort so much! They were so much fun and loved actually getting to know the people staying at the resort! We had so much fun playing sand volleyball with them as well as doing water aerobics and competitions. The nightly entertainment was also amazing!

The restaurants were all very good, but I did think the restaurants at some other resorts were better. We loved that every room had an ocean view at this resort! Everything is very conveniently located as well. This resort is not spread out like the others; it was more like a hotel because of its location in the Cancun Hotel Zone. However, because of its location, this resort had the bluest and clearest water of all the resorts we have stayed at! I can’t say enough about the water! Every morning, I would wake up and look off our balcony and think “Is this real life?” That water is SO BLUE! It truly is beautiful!

Also, this resort had a lot of younger people staying at it versus the other two resorts on this list, but there weren’t a lot of Americans and we found that everyone dressed very trendy due to the South Beach and modern feel of this resort  Also, I think the Preferred Club is completely worth it for this resort so that you get access to the infinity pool up on the 19th floor!

Secrets Playa Mujeres:

This is my favorite resort of all time!! I tell EVERYONE about it! In fact, we are going back this winter! There are so many reasons why I love this resort! First, it is HUGE! It’s so spread out that you take golf carts to get to different places around the resort! I also love that this resort is very secluded and there aren’t a lot of other resorts surrounding it. It’s located on Playa Mujeres in a non-public area part of the beach. The rooms were also magnificent! We had a junior suite and it had a Jacuzzi overlooking the ocean on the balcony. It was so romantic! Also, the pool is so big that you always feel that you have your own space and there are so many nooks and crannies that you can always find a place to have for just you and your significant other! It’s also cool, because all these nooks and crannies turn into fire pits at night!

The restaurants also were the best of any resort we have been to! There were so many options and all of their restaurants had the best views! One of the breakfast spots was located outside and had such a beautiful ocean view. They also had a restaurant located right next to the infinity pool, which also had a stunning view of the resort and ocean! The resort even had a sushi restaurant where you could go and get drinks and sushi while waiting for your hibachi dinner! We seriously loved all the options.

Another reason we loved this resort was because of the fabulous infinity pool and the bar located on the beach with swings located all around it. It was so fun to drink your tropical drink sitting in a swing and looking out at the ocean! The staff was amazing as well and we again had so much fun playing pool, sand volleyball and participating in all of the awesome activities they had planned throughout the day. The entertainment at night was also spectacular and they even had a poolside fire show one night. We also spent NYE here and they had a firework show, DJ, and glass dance floor over the infinity pool with a champagne toast for everyone as well. They even provided pre-parties that were themed and all the noise makers and NYE attire you could ever want  This has been our absolute favorite resort of all time!

Contributed by Chelsea Fetter