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My Holiday in Thailand

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Two years ago, my travel buddy and I were in dire need of a holiday. Since we know someone with an apartment in Phuket, Thailand, we decided that this would be the perfect tip for us! In March 2015, we went on our way. It was going to be a relatively short trip of nine days. In those nine days, we also wanted to spend two days in Koh Lipe. We had to be creative with our time.


The apartment we rented was in Kata Beachin short walking distance of the beach. Short is relative though when it is about 35 degrees Celsius so we definitely got our daily workouts. This trip was going to be about doing nothing. We found out that is something that we are both not very good at. Every day, we marched our butts to the beach. Kata Beach was not exactly what we expected. It has more tourists than we initially thought and quite a bit of partying. We wanted a whole lot of nothing though!


Before we left for Thailand, we did our research. We heard from someone who believed Koh Lipe was the most gorgeous island she had ever seen. We had to see this with our own eyes as well. It said on the internet that from Phuket to Koh Lipe, it would be a six-hour boat trip. It seemed doable. We booked our boat trip, booked two nights in a hotel at Ko Lipe and off we went! Little did we know that six hours was actually ten hours. We didn’t know that a transfer had to be made in the middle of the ocean and that no beverages could be bought on-board. A restroom was present.


But WOW! When you see the shore of Koh Lipe, everything and I mean everything, is forgotten! The sights from the boat ride are absolutely amazing. Thailand is so incredibly beautiful. It is very green and very lush. Koh Lipe was just the icing on the cake! I have never seen such white beaches. All the hotels were right on the beach and I think we might have chosen the prettiest one possible. We made a reservation at the Mali Beach Resort for two nights. We were definitely not disappointed! All the rooms were standalone little houses. The reception also acts as the bar and when sitting in the restaurant, you can have your toes in the sand. This was an absolute slice of heaven. So much actually that we decided that first night that we should stay a day longer and do what we came to Thailand for: absolutely nothing!