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Nevado de Toluca

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I have always been obsessed with mountains – probably because I come from a country that is flatter than a pancake! But besides them being a unique sight for me, their grandness has the power to put life in perspective, making you realize just how small we and our problems really are. At the time I visited Nevada de Toluca, I was writing my graduation thesis – and I am sure many of you can relate that this can sometimes feel like the end of the World – so hiking in the crater of this old volcano was a big mind opener for me. Besides that, I live for discovering off-the-beaten-tracks travel locations in order to do something different than the average tourist and Nevada de Toluca is one that is really worth your visit!

Nevado de Toluca is an old volcano located 80 kilometers from Mexico City and as the name already mentions, near the city of Toluca. It is easily accessible by car and with the handy app Waze, you should have no problem finding it. In fact, you can arrive almost to the top of the volcano by car and only have to walk the last kilometer.

The old volcano has two clear crater lakes,in which you can even see fish swim. This creates breathtaking scenery. During the colder months, the volcano top is covered in a layer of white snow, adding to the picture perfectness of the place. Temperatures however remain fresh as it is high up in the mountains and so I recommend you bring a sweater or some sort.

Nevado de Toluca is good for a 2 to 3 hour hike and can easily be combined with a city visit to Toluca whilst in Mexico City. I hope that this story was able to broaden your horizon a bit more concerning all the beautiful places Mexico has to offer!