New York, United States

Nickerson Beach

New York United States

Nickerson beach is a completely magical place for birders to see nesting shorebirds and their babies. It is a beach on the South Shore of Long Island, NY and on any given day from June to August, you will see photographers lying in the sand, getting eye level shots of plovers, skimmers, terns, and oyster catchers.

The entrance fee is expensive at $30. However, you can go before 8am or after 5 or 6pm and it is completely free. There are large roped off areas to protect the nesting birds and it’s imperative to respect their boundaries. There are often birds who don’t quite understand the rope concept and decide to lay their eggs outside the protected area, so it’s important to be careful while walking.

We highly suggest wearing a hat, to protect you from the terns bombing your head and pooping on you – something that has happened to us! The terns, while used to the people, are highly protective and you often have to give a wider berth than just the ropes. We love going to this place as often as we can during the summer months.