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Nusa Penida: Kelingking Beach

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Kelingking Beach is the name, or “T-Rex” as some people call it. The Instagram shots go viral and yet I was standing alone with my friend in awe of the view that I had stared at so frequently on social media before. It was now in front of my eyes and made my jaw drop. I was in love with mother nature, how could this be real!

The bamboo sticks were the only support we had as we ferociously climbed down the stairway to heaven. Many people go up half way; even locals told us, ‘it’s a really dangerous climb, girls’ as they turned back and abandoned their mission.

The sky was flawless and we were determined to have a perfect day on the beach so we descended until the stairs turned to ropes and rocks. Still we carried on and then a ladder finished the journey and my toes touched the powdery white sand.

The beach was empty, with the addition of two security workers. The waves were wild and the absence of humans had left the sand with only our own footprints in it’s perfect surface.

We relaxed there for hours, relishing in our reward for the tough descent. The entire time I couldn’t believe my fate had bought me here. It’s still my highlight of Indonesia. The entire island remains authentic and barely visited; it’s beauty is forever in my mind and heart.

Contributed by Charlotte Little