Hawaii, United States

Our Love For Oahu

Hawaii United States

We started our lovely travels to the beautiful island of Oahu and spent about 4 days there with family. As we started our first day, we were so taken away by the beautiful beaches with the tall palm trees blowing in the wind. We couldn’t help it but snap photos every two seconds.


We spent so much time driving around being so amazed by the mountains, palm trees and the endless beaches. If you ever decide to go to Hawaii, I highly recommend you check out Honolulu and Waikiki. There are endless things to do. They have great restaurants and the streets are filled with shops on both sides of the road. There is always a parade or some type of activity taking place.

This is the view from Tiki’s restaurant down in Waikiki beach
Views from Makapu’u Trail

If you ever have a chance to rent a car in Hawaii, we highly suggest that you do the Makapu’u trail. It is filled with such breath taking views. How can you not be taken back by this view? We do have to say that the walk to the top of the trail is quite a hike but the top is worth it. We surely enjoyed ourselves as we are regular travelers. Here are some more photo’s for you to check out. Feel free to check out our you tube channel for travel vlogs.

Makapu’u trail
Makapu’u Beach