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Perspective in Utah

United States Utah

This was my first trip to Utah and as far west as I’ve traveled in the United States (YET!). The landscape was absolutely amazing! The color variations of the soil are truly out of this world. No, really, there are teal rock variations in Arches National Park that blew me away. We visited and camped in Arches, and then drove to the Canyonlands the next day. That was my favorite day because there were less people around and the vastness of the canyons was truly incredible. We stopped by Dead Horse State Park for a different view into the canyons and we were so happy that we could bring the dogs throughout the entire park. I can’t wait for my next Utah bucket list adventure; Escalante National Monument!


It’s amazing how traveling the world puts your life into perspective, isn’t it? That sense of relief you feel from your window seat on the plane; watching the world grow small below you. It is quite similar to the feeling of staring deep into the abyss like I did on my trip. Utah will forever hold a place in my heart.



Contributed by Anna Marie