Costa Rica, Latin America

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Latin America

My friend had the fortunate opportunity to go to Costa Rica for a work assignment to further improve her Spanish speaking abilities. So of course, my friends and I jumped at the chance to pay her a visit. There are too many things to do and see, but we were able to narrow our itinerary based on our collective top sites we all wanted to see. Visiting the Sloth Sanctuary was numero uno on our list, and since there was only one, we chose to stay around the Puerto Viejo area.

Sloth Sanctuary
Sloth Sanctuary
Sloth Sanctuary
Sloth Sanctuary

Included in our tour at the Sloth Sanctuary was a canoe ride to experience the sloths’ rain forest habitat. It was so peaceful and relaxing and then we heard these loud and deep aggressive like sounds. To our pleasant surprise, the sounds were coming from howler monkeys who were simply crying out for it to rain.

This trip was the perfect mixture of go-with-the-flow synergy with a need to fuel our adventurous tank that could only be found within this group of gal pals. We joked about how our significant others, aka Safety Sams, back home wouldn’t be the slightest interested and would be cautioning us on all the thrilling risky business we were about to have.

For our Jungle Adventure Tour, we opted for a whole day journey and it was completely worth it! We hiked, zip lined (multiple times), walked over a hanging bridge, Tarzan swung, waterfall rappelled, tree climbed, and the finale was the Superman cable.

Superman Cable
Tarzan Swing
Water Rappelling

A visit to the beach was a must and La Playa Negra did not disappoint with it’s beautiful black and gold sands. I think everyone will find happiness in Costa Rica!

Climbing the Barge

On the barge


Check out a video I made about my trip to Costa Rica!