Latin America, Peru

Rainbow Mountain

Latin America Peru

Rainbow Mountain is the most recent super star of Cusco! The mountain just opened their doors to tourism in May 2016! Before that, 1 week hikes were the only way to get there. Now, it is so easy for anybody to take one of many tours that are offered in Cusco for 70-120 soles! From 3 AM to 8 PM, several buses take hundreds of travelers to visit this beauty.

You must be very aware of the high altitude because at 5200m above sea level, a lot of travelers have problems breathing headaches and dizziness. Don’t worry! If you think you will have struggle with the high altitude, you can take horses that are offered at the beginning of the mountain for 70 soles extra. The mountain is full of visitors every day, although with the perspectives that are offered, it is still easy to get a solo picture with this beautiful natural gift. Don’t forget to spare a day for this beauty on your visit to Cusco, Perú.