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Shiraz: The Capital of Culture and Poetry

Iran Middle East

Iran has many great cities but one that you wouldn’t want to miss at all is Shiraz. I am originally from this city; Shiraz is my hometown but I didn’t grow up here my whole life so I was able to explore the city like a stranger. Shiraz is located in the Fars Province in Iran.


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Shiraz is famously known for its hospitality. People will ask you to be their guest and they may even invite you over for a meal. If you’re lost, people will go with you to make sure you find your correct address. People will always say hello to you whenever you pass by; they will smile too! The citizens of Shiraz will immediately take an interest in you if you are not a local. They adore guests so feel free to tell them, “I’m new to the city.” Wait and watch how welcome they will make you feel.


There’s a museum called Zinat-ol Molk, where you will feel like you are traveling back in time. You will see wax statues of Fars’s famous men and women and statues of anyone who has done anything for the glory of Fars. As far as I know (and I’ve studied history), archaeologists have found small villages that go back 5,000 years ago in Fars province. Fars was also the main land of two great empires during ancient times. The empire we have heard a lot about is the Achaemenian Empire (550-330 BC.). The other empire is The Sassanid Dynasty (224-651 AC.). During the Middle Ages, Shiraz was the capital of Iran. There were many artists, poets, scientists and architects during that time. If you look up the world’s greatest poets, you will find that 5 of them are Persian, and 2 of these 5, are originally from Shiraz.

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When you’re facing the harshness of work and being hurt by the sharp edges of life and future anxieties, what could be better than a nice shady tree, a cool breeze, the refreshing air of a garden and a book with a friend? This is what I’ve found out about Shiraz’s spirit. People are so easy going here! As much as the people work to provide the best life for themselves and their families, they still make time to go outdoors and even enjoy short trips a few times a year. The city of Shiraz is filled with beautiful people and scenery. I encourage you to visit Shiraz if you ever travel to Iran.

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