Nevada, United States

Superbowl in Vegas

Nevada United States

I’m not into football but when I read that in Vegas, the Superbowl was like a national holiday, I said why not? My boyfriend is a football fanatic anyway so I knew it would be a fun experience for him as well. We left February 4th and stayed for four days. We initially ordered a 4 door sedan and we were told it would be a Prius which was fine for us since we always like to go the inexpensive route. Apparently, they anticipated more people coming in to rent cars since it was Super Bowl weekend. She was willing to give us a fancier newer car for a fraction of the actual rental price. For $40 more than the Prius, we got a beautiful black 2016 convertible Camaro. Nothing better than riding around the West Coast with your top down enjoying the warm weather!


We decided to watch the Superbowl at South Point hotel. It was recommended by a few people. The hotels on the strip would have cost us $150+ per person but South Pointe was absolutely FREE. Not only was it free but the food was reasonably priced! They had about 3 Big Game parties going on at different locations at the hotel. There was a mixture of Falcons and Patriots fans at the party and it was a fun crowd. The DJ had music going during certain parts of the game, which made it lively.



We went to the Art District Downtown to check out the cool art they had. I have an admiration for art, especially graffiti wall art. They had tons of art to look at and I just had to take pictures in front of some of them! I just bought a brand new Canon camera so I was on a mission to capture some cool pictures while I was in Vegas. Also, I MISS ROSS (the store)! In Arizona where I’m from, we had Ross everywhere and when I moved to NYC, they were nowhere to be found. Like a nice boyfriend who cares about my shopping habits (hehe), I went shopping at Ross with some of his craps winnings! The Ross in Vegas IS HUGE; they are 2 stories and you can easily spend hours in there.


I haven’t had good Mexican food since I left Arizona and BOY, WAS I HAPPY to see real authentic Mexican food! We grabbed a bite to eat for lunch at Casa Don Juan Mexican Restaurant located in downtown Fremont. It was so good. I ordered Enchiladas, Mexican rice, with a horchata on the side! My stomach was very happy that day. You can’t visit Vegas without running into some street performers, which is always cool to see. Everyone showcases their talent (for a tip of course). This was a very enjoyable trip and I’m sure we will be back at some point during the end of the year! Until we meet again Vegas!



Contributed by Chanice Williams