Iran, Middle East

Take a Step Forward in Iran

Iran Middle East

Are you planning for a trip and wondering where to go? Are you thinking about visiting the Middle East but worried about your safety?

What if I told you about a nice place with warm and hospitable people who live in peace? What if I told you about a place in the Middle East where no war exists?  There is a country you could visit during any of the four seasons. Art, colors, paintings and plants matter in this country. This place is both historical and mysterious. There are great kings and palaces. Poets were even born here! This is a country where you are welcomed with open arms and smiling faces.


Hello my name is Parniyan, and I’d like to invite you all to my country; IRAN! can you believe that I was talking about Iran? I wrote this to share my travel stories and work experiences as a tour guide in Iran. On most of my tours, visitors have no idea about Iran at all. They have no opinion on the country. Some visitors have a very negative and uneducated view of Iran. At the end of every tour, visitors always say to me, “You have such a beautiful country! It is safe, filled with amazing history and kind people.”




The geographical land that nowadays we call Iran, goes way back in history and time. Some archaeologists even believe that the Culture of Jiroft is the first culture created by human on earth around 7000/8000 years ago. Since then – if not before- people were living here, making life happen, building up things, creating things, having beliefs and myths of their own, learning and teaching stuff, passing the torch, fighting, losing, winning and standing up for themselves. Daughters after mothers, sons after fathers, generation after generation, dynasty after dynasty, they have created a land with a name, a country, a nationality with its own specific aspects. Don’t get me wrong; Iran has its own ups and downs, happy and dark days just like any other country in the world.



Travelling to Iran doesn’t give just one view of a defined time in history. Iran is like some sort of package deal: you get it all when you come here. You will learn about pre-historical periods till contemporary times. The landscapes and beautiful nature are unlike anything in the world. There are nomadic tribes and modern cities in Iran. Each place has a different story to tell. So, if you’re planning your trip to Iran, make sure you put aside enough time to see and hear it all.

I encourage you to come to Iran and see for yourself how lovely this country is. I encourage you to search deeper in yourself,, read more about Iran, and take a step forward. Who knows? We might even meet one day on one of my tours!