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The Constantly Evolving City of Tokyo

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Tokyo is an amazing city I enjoy a lot. I still remember my first time to Tokyo. I met Yoshida Sang of BigBlackMaria and he said “Taipei is a great city, but Tokyo is an international city where you can find anything of the whole world.” At that time, his quote left a deep city impression in my heart. As he said, Tokyo is a very international city. You can find diverse things and if you cannot discover this entire world by yourself, you can see everything in Tokyo.

Someone had told me, “Tokyo is a constantly evolving city, you will find novelty things every time you come.” When I went back to Roppongi again, it was not the same as last time. I found a lot of cool stores in Roppongi Hills; old Kagurazaka Warehouse renamed to “La kagu,” “mAach ecute” is under the Manseibashi staton and there are many cool design shops too. The lane and alley nearby Tokyo Skytree is full of energy and tourists. Tokyo Tower is still not prospering but I believe the tower will get new vitality and rebirth soon. I am looking forward to see the changes the next time I visit Tokyo.

This time, we also went out of Tokyo city and visited Karuizawa. The winter in Karuizawa is beautiful and quiet, although many tourists travel here in summer. Most shops are closed, the mountain road is frozen, and when we went to check-in to the hotel, snow covered everywhere. You can obviously feel the co-existence with nature here. People clear the snow in the morning and greet their neighbors every morning. In the night, they nest in the house with heating, maybe eating sukiyaki together or watching TV in the living room. The weather made my travel feel more simple. I was waking up to raindrops in the morning and an all white view around me. I felt like I had traveled to the Alps!

“A real traveler must be homeless, feel happiness, temptation and adventure with his heart. The travel must be wandering, otherwise not a real travel.” — Lin Yutang