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The Elephant Haven

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The Elephant Haven is a place in Thailand where they rescue injured, circus act, or abused elephants and rehabilitate them in the best way. We got there at about 10am, went and touched them and just watched them have their breakfast! Then we went over to the tables and made them more food. We mushed together warm rice, pumpkin and bananas in a big bucket and then rolled them into balls. We also cut up hundreds of watermelons and pumpkins and put them all in a tub as well. We fed the elephants all of it until there was literally nothing left!

After feeding, we headed off to the river to watch them swim and to swim with them. A lot of people were obviously a bit scared (as was I) because these animals are so big. But myself and 3 others went in and splashed around with the 3 elephants! We headed back up the hill and had lunch that was prepared for us by the local workers (best lunch ever by the way). It consisted of spring rolls, rice, vegetables, noodles, and a selection of fresh fruits.

After lunch, we went to the mud puddles where the elephants make themselves all muddy and spray it everywhere. We did that so we could go give them a bath afterwords in the river! Everyone got in the river and started pouring water all over the elephants and cleaning them, petting them and just enjoying the amazing moment. How many times can you say you swam with an elephant? It is still surreal to me that I can say I have!

Our day with the elephants was finished and we walked them back up to where they eat and we said our goodbyes and headed off. It was by far the most amazing experience of my life and if you want to ever do something like that if you’re in Thailand, I highly recommend The Elephant Haven. It is a highly ethical elephant experience; no hooks, no chains, no riding, no tears.