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The Girl Who Hiked Rinjani

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Rinjani will always hold a special place in my heart. It is my first solo trip and my first legit hike in the wild. Rarely does my unsettled heart feels so at peace. This was a pretty crazy hike, considering that I didn’t do any prior research nor did any proper training.

I was greeted by an out of this world sight upon arrival at the base camp. I met many hikers from all around the world & it was with encouragements from each other that we managed to make it here. I simply couldn’t believe that I was above cloud nine, literally.

True is the phrase “that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” Anyone who made it up to 3726m above sea level would tell you the same. The loose gravel leading up here was extremely tedious. Being the fiercely and stubborn girl I am, I refused to give up. Not even when it was sub zero degrees and not when I couldn’t feel my face any longer. Thank goodness for my willpower because I got to witness this view. It’ll always be etched in my mind!

Not only was the view at the base camp & summit stunning but, those along the way were equally breathtaking! I simply couldn’t get enough of this natural beauty. My heart was bursting and it was crying. It found peace within. It was a top of the world adventure and at that moment, it felt like nothing mattered.

I hope that this post will inspire all of you to go on that trip which you’ve always wanted to go on. We only have one life, and it’s our responsibility to live it fully. Believe you can, and you’re halfway there. No one can stop you from succeeding at anything, except you yourself.

Contributed by Shu Huan